Norwegian harbour


All factories are located at the Norwegian coastline, ensuring high quality products straight from the cold Atlantic ocean. They are adapted to the fish processing standards over the years and today are operating with state of the art equipment in expanded and renewed facilities.

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Skude Fryseri AS

Founded in 1953, Skude Fryseri AS sits at the entrance to Skudeneshavn in Karmøy municipality.

Adapting over the years to the fisheries sector's changes, it has modernized and expanded its facilities and equipment. Committed to environmental standards and production excellence, Skude Fryseri aims to deliver top-quality products.

Karsten Flem AS

The Flem family business has a rich history that extends back to as early as 1910. Despite the passage of time and numerous changes, the quality and taste of their produce continue to be of world-class standard.

In present times, the process is carried out in state-of-the-art facilities where their team of fifteen local employees upholds the long-standing family tradition.

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