Beaked redfish

Sebastes mentella

Sebastes mentella, commonly known as Redfish or Ocean Perch, is a marine species found in the North Atlantic. They inhabit deep waters, often near the seabed, and are recognized for their vibrant red color. These fish have a varied diet, mainly feeding on smaller fish and zooplankton.

It occurs from Baffin Island south to Nova Scotia, around Greenland and Iceland, along the Iceland-Faroes ridge and northwards off Norway as far as Svalbard, Jan Mayen and the Barents Sea. This is a bathypelagic, oceanic species which is found at depths between 300 and 1,441 m (984 and 4,728 ft).

It typically reaches a maximum size of 47 cm and 1.3 kg, with a lifespan exceeding 70 years. The species spawns along the Eggakanten, from Great Britain to Bjørnøya, during March–April, feeding on plankton and fish.


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