Cod / Cod Roe

Sea frozen / Frozen

Lat. Gadus Morhua

Cod, a prominent species in Norway's marine ecosystem, is not only economically significant but also fascinating in its habitat and appearance. This fish is widely recognized as one of the most important in Norway's fishing industry and is acclaimed as one of the best seafood choices available.

Cod primarily inhabit the cold, deep waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, making Norwegian waters an ideal habitat for them. They are found in the Barents Sea and along the Norwegian coast. Cod tend to stay near the seabed during the day and move closer to the surface at night, adapting well to various marine environments.

Cod have a distinctive appearance. They are usually grey-green to brown in color, with a pale lateral line running from the gills to the tail and a white underbelly. Adult cod can reach a significant size, often measuring up to a meter in length and weighing up to 25 kg (55 lbs). They have a whisker-like structure on their chin, which they use to search for food on the ocean floor.

In conclusion, Norwegian cod is not only valuable for its economic contribution but also for its unique characteristics. Its adaptation to the cold, nutrient-rich waters of the North Atlantic, combined with its distinctive appearance, make it a notable species in Norway's marine life. Its nutritional value further enhances its status as a preferred choice in seafood.

20kg / abt 23-24kg or 5kg / 10kg / 18kg
Head off / Gutted
Packed in carton or superbags. Sales weight per carton/pallet.
Packed in carton or superbags. Sales weight per carton/pallet.

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