Farmed Rainbow Trout

Blast (tunnel) frozen

Lat. Oncorhynchus mykiss

Farmed Rainbow Trout, also known as Norwegian fjord trout, is a high-quality fish cultivated in the clear, cold fjords of Norway where seawater meets glacier meltwater. This silver-colored predatory fish, part of the salmon family, is farmed along almost the entire Norwegian coastline. After starting life in freshwater, it adapts to seawater and is raised in fjord pens until it reaches a market-ready weight of 2–5kg.

The trout is particularly known for its rich protein content, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and selenium. Its flesh is deep red-orange with white marbling, known for being tender and glossy. Farmed rainbow trout is versatile in cooking, ideal for smoking, raw consumption, and various other cooking methods.

Norwegian fish farming, pioneered with rainbow trout, incorporates advanced technological solutions to ensure high-quality fish production and welfare. The industry operates year-round, offering a range of fresh and frozen trout products.

(per piece): - 1kg till 8kg - Head on / Gutted - 0.9-1.8kg till 3.6-4.5kg - Head off / Gutted

The 15 colours of farmed salmonids by SalmoFan will help you to know more about the quality of salmon mean. SalmoFan was developed on the basis of the colour of fresh salmonid flesh, pigmented with Carophyll Pink (astaxanthin). The vast majority of Atlantic salmon is available on the world market is farmed (almost 99%). Light conditions can influence visual colour perception.

Shows the grading of salmon colors in regards to quality.