Horse mackerel

Blast (tunnel) frozen

Lat. Trachurus trachurus

The Atlantic horse mackerel, a member of the Carangidae family, is a notable fish species in the Atlantic Ocean and surrounding seas. Known for its elongated body and a series of small finlets behind the dorsal and anal fins, this fish is easily distinguishable. Typically, it has a bluish-green back and silvery sides, creating a vibrant appearance.

Habitat-wise, the Atlantic horse mackerel is widely distributed, ranging from the Eastern Atlantic (from Norway to South Africa) to the Mediterranean and Black Seas. This species is adaptable, living in various marine environments, from coastal areas to the open sea, at depths of up to 600 meters.

The Atlantic horse mackerel plays a significant role in commercial fishing. It's harvested mainly for human consumption but is also used in fishmeal and oil production. This species is caught using various methods, including trawling and purse seining.

In terms of culinary use, the Atlantic horse mackerel is valued for its firm texture and rich flavor, making it suitable for a variety of cooking methods, including grilling and frying. Nutritional benefits include being a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, contributing to a healthy diet.

Overall, the Atlantic horse mackerel is an important species both ecologically and economically, providing value to fisheries and consumers alike.

(per piece): 200-300g / 300-400g / 400g+
Whole round fish
Wrapped in plastic film and packed in standard cartons. Net 20kg block.
Wrapped in plastic film and packed in standard cartons. Net 20kg block.

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